Dr. Bob Reese

For ISD 197 School Board

"Schools should strive to provide every child with a quality education.  The District should strive to have 90% of students performing at or above grade level.  We need to improve the results in ISD 197."

Robert Reese

About Bob

I have spent my working life in medicine, surgery and medical education. I am the father of a young college student and the quality of our education system has become my focus.  Education is one of the key factors in every person’s well-being and happiness.

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Bob's Priorities

Well-defined Objectives
  • State objectives for student performance and explain how they will be measured.
Transparency and Accountability
  • Parents must clearly understand what is being taught and the District should not teach partisan and divisive doctrines of race and social behavior.
Student Performance
  • Parents should annually receive a complete, private and objective evaluation of their child’s performance.

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